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Principles of Recruiting

Presenter: Amy Williams

Duration: 52 minutes

Price: $59.99

Member Price: $34.99

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If you've been making recruiting calls for any length of time, you know that true cold call recruiting calls are nothing less than an art form. From your introduction and credibility statement to a suggestion for action, this call defines the working relationship and sets the tone for candidate control.

In this meeting, Amy Williams (Danny's Training Director for his firm, Hobson Associates) will review the structure of Danny's Relationship Recruiting Call. We will then drill down on several key principals, all simultaneously in play when we are approaching and qualifying candidates. Most recruiters are very strong on some concepts, few are proficient in all. All are worth reviewing.... candidates are in high demand. Our fee is predicated on the notion that we can access candidates that our clients can't. Increase your odds by reviewing the key principles that are the undercurrent of recruiting.