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Fee Agreements

Owners sleep better at night if they have signed fee agreements, but recruiters need Ambien because no one sends them back until you are at a competitive disadvantage! There is a solution Danny uses that lets everyone get some shut eye!


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Following Up Resumes

Most of Danny's success has been doing exactly the opposite of what everybody else does. Danny uses his collection call format to give you an outline for your following up resumes call.


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Hiring Authorities

We call them hiring authorities, but too many recruiters see them as "higher authorities". There is a fine line between respect and awe, between communication and intimidation.


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Qualifying the Fee

Most recruiters are non vertebrae animals! When asked to negotiate the fee, they agree far too quickly. Most fee fights occur because of the way you qualify your fee. You make it clear you don't believe you are worth the full fee.


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Reference Checking for Better Presentations

When recruiters get busy one of the first things they stop doing is reference checks. Let Danny show you how to properly use a reference check to make better verbal and email presentations.


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Testing Your Job Order

Recruiters want to fill EVERY job order they get. This is laudable, and dumb! Great recruiters choose NOT to work most of the orders they get. But how do they make that decision, and how do they not get fooled? They test their clients!


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The Money Game

Danny shares with you the six rules of the money game that will help you close more deals and create a win-win situation for your candidates and clients.


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Three Levels of Marketing

Examine how top producers get their job orders. Danny shares the three levels of marketing (MPC Calls, Situational Marketing and Strategic Marketing) that keep the top producers in the money.


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Trust & Karma

We ask for honesty and expect intimate revelations on cold calls, but we don't give honesty or intimacy, so candidates withhold information and feelings. It's time to implement Danny's equation "Truth over time=trust". Trust is the ultimate closing skill. "Coffee is for closeness".


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Value Proposition

Value prop is the most overused and under defined term we hear. In this section Danny helps you define your true value proposition that will make clients and candidates want to work with you.


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What is a Good Client?

Recruiters love to talk about their favorite clients. You can no longer afford to measure clients by how much fun they are to work with. What's important is how good they are to work "for". Let Danny walk you through the rules of engagement to help you decide what a good client really is.


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