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"But, Can I Leave Early?": Why Your Recruiters Don’t Respond to Classic Incentives/Contests

You labor over the contest. You roll it out in detail. You expect Enormous Activity in return for your largesse. Not so much.

1+1=3 Exponential Billing Increases Through Effective Use of Support Staff

In this session, Jenifer Lambert will speak from first hand experience about how she has nearly doubled her billings through effectively using research support and a recruiting assistant.

It's Okay to Be the Boss: What Your Team Needs from You NOW!

Disclaimer: This is not a session for those who love managing.

Meltdown Management

... She needs to see you. Right now. She's crying. She can't do this anymore.

Movin' on Up: How to Pivot Your Solo Operation into a Successful Multi-Recruiter Firm

So you plan to take advantage of the boom by hiring recruiters…

Termination: "Please Hurry Up and Quit, I Don't Have the Guts To Fire You"

Enough of this silliness. Let's get crazy and run our firms like businesses.

Why Your Top Producer Can't Manage...And Why They Keep Asking

Growth and Succession planning for search firms is often an exercise in frustration. You know how to make Placements, and You have even learned how to develop a team around you to reach “the next level”.