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"Uh, about my fee?" Qualifying Fees

Most recruiters create fee objections. Sure, clients are going to challenge the fee in an industry that is so fragmented in its pricing.

All Jobs Are Not Created Equal

Top Producers are not "Phone Wizards." They don't say things you don't have the nerve or savvy to say. But they don't make BAD choices!

Guaranteeing Human Beings: How Your Guarantee Policy Can Become a Sales Tool

Do you guarantee your candidates? For how long? What is it you guarantee? And exactly when did you become clairvoyant?

Job Opportunities, Not Job Orders

You're taking a job order. The list of questions is long, conventional, detailed.

Job Order Centric in a Candidate Driven Market

Danny does a lot of traveling around the country training top recruiters, and all he hears lately is, “It’s a Candidate Driven Market”.

The Market's Hot But My Fees Are Not: Principles of Performance Pricing

Okay what gives? The market has never been hotter, baby boomers are dropping like flies, the stock market is at record levels, all our companies are hiring and hemorrhaging people and yet...

Working Higher Level Jobs: Myths, Methods, and Mindset

“Okay, let me see if I got this straight. My average fee is 18K, and yours is 45K so I have to make 2.5 deals to every one of yours."