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Closing is for Cowards

How to make more deals without having to summon courage, go to a therapist, or half heartedly use a script that scares the daylights out of you.

Don't Cover Counter Offer, UNCOVER Counter Offer (Risk)

Historically, covering counter offer was an event, "Did you remember to cover counter offer?”

How Poor Closing Makes You Paranoid

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone's not out to get you.

Hurry Up and Wait...Why Clients Take Too Long to Make Offers

It’s not your imagination. Clients are taking longer to make offers to your candidates.

It's all in the Delivery - How to Deliver Offers with Less Drama and More Acceptances.

We spend a lot of time recruiting, interviewing, prepping, and debriefing. We've been trained and continue to perfect those skills. But what about the delivery of the actual offer?

Mastering the Follow Up Call

Most recruiters have one motivation for making follow up calls. They want to know how their candidate did so they can begin the "wishful thinking" process.

My Candidate Took the Other Job

Your candidate took another offer. How could this happen?

Onboarding, or How to transition your placed candidates into their new job and avoid a fallout

The candidate accepts the offer. The bell rings. The dance begins.

Sending Your Clients To Prep School


Straight Talk on Non-Competes: Why They are Increasing; How to Keep them from Killing Deals!

New Video Format - SEE DANNY!
Recruiters think of non-competes as the occasional thorn in their side when working in a niche. This webcast is designed to acclimate you to the new normal of non-competes.

The Art of Giving Notice: Teach Your Candidates, Save Your Deal

You've made a placement! The money is on the board. You put down the phone and gyrated in the aisle of your bullpen in a Hip Hop dance that for you felt great but to your colleagues was very very embarrassing.

The Case for Reference Checks: 10 Concrete Ways They Can Impact Your Billings

I know you don't like to do them, and you know you don't like to do them. They're long and boring and everyone says the same thing and nobody is telling the truth and some people won't give you any info and companies prefer to do their own...

Zig Ziglar’s Worst Nightmare: 100 years of Sales Training and Pseudo Self Help in One Hour

Danny believes it is harder to get established as a recruiter now than it used to be “back in the day.”