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Recruiters who want to make more placements.
Owners and Managers who want to grow their business and develop Superstar Recruiters.
Sole Proprietors with no one to bounce problems and ideas off of.
Large franchises with no integrated training model.

What Do You Get?

    Standard Premium
Unlimited access to every facet of the AccordingToDanny Members Only Section. YES YES
Weekly AccordingToDanny Email Newsletters. YES YES
FREE NAPS Membership (Up to $600 Value). NO YES
# of FREE On-Demand Webcasts*. Ten Over 50
Discount on AccordingToDanny store products. 10% 20%
Discounts on Scheduled Webcasts. 40% 60%

* Premium members receive ONE free Webcast view per user per month. (i.e. a 5-user account receives 5 free Webcast views each month). Webcast views accumulate each month and do not expire until used or you cancel your premium membership.

How Much Does It Cost?

  Standard Premium**
► 1 - 5 Users $89.99 $139.99
► 6 - 10 Users $109.99 $169.99
► 11 - 20 Users $129.99 $199.99
► Additional Users $2.00 $4.99

6 Month Commitment Required. Prices are monthly. NAPS and ACSESS Members receive a 10% Discount on standard monthly membership. **Premium membership includes NAPS membership (Up to $600 Value) rather than 10% discount.


Additional Benefits

The Ask Danny search engine gets you answers to your most complex deal making or breaking situations.
The Training Library condenses the "Best of" Danny's line of audio, video and CD products into short memorable text that will improve your phone skills and increase your billings.
The Document Registry provides all the Essential Templates you need to run a successful desk.
The Owners/Managers section is ONLY for owners and managers. We provide the answers to sensitive issues like compensation and motivation without you having to whisper.

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