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How To Get Better and More Referrals

Asking for referrals should be a huge part of a recruiter's workflow. But most recruiters make the same mistakes. Watch Danny explain the five big mistakes we make when we ask for referrals.


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It's Not Just Urgency...It's Direction of Urgency

No one ever says their job isn't urgent. But let's face it, not all jobs are created equal. So should you work the job or not? Danny has a better way to test them. Instead of asking the same old urgency questions, try asking about the direction of urgency.


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Not Just Metrics, Momentum

It's not just metrics anymore. Times have changed and so have the metrics. But it's not just metrics we should be looking at, it's time to start looking at momentum.


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Stages of Career Change

When we talk to candidates we are catching them in various stages of their career path. We need to be able to identify which stage they are currently in and which stage we can place.


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The Case for Pessimism

We all want to be surrounded by optimists. Let’s face it, they are more fun! But sometimes, in certain circumstances, what we really need to surround ourselves with are pessimists. The best recruiters understand you need to be both every day.


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The Effects of Technology on Recruiting

Let's face it technology has completely changed the way we work our desks. But one downside of technology is it allows us to hide from difficult situations. Recruiters need to understand that technology cannot replace them, and they still need to know when to fight.


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The How To's of Resigning

Giving notice is hard, no matter what the circumstances of the candidate's relationship is with their boss. It's a break up, plain and simple, and there are proper ways to do it so your candidate won't burn any bridges.


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The Importance of Culture

Ok, stop rolling your eyes! Your culture is important. And once you realize the importance of culture, and can articulate it to your clients and candidates, you'll make more placements.


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The Millennial Way to Work

When it comes to change in the workplace recruiters are the worst! It’s a little hypocritical when you think about it. We make our living by getting people to change their situation. But when we have to change the way we work, we want to hold on to the old ways forever! Let’s learn a little something from the Millennials and start to embrace the change.


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The Multi-Tasking Myth

Recruiters always say they can multi-task…they don’t need to do just one thing at a time. Danny explains why this is a complete myth and shows us how the new way we workout at the gym is also the way we should run our desks.


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The New Marketing Using BD Silos

Who doesn't love coming into work and banging out 100 cold calls a day? Uh...NO ONE!! While the top producers still have to make some of these calls, it's not their only way of developing business. Danny explains the different silos you should be using every day.


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Using Behavioral History to Assess Counter Offer Risk

Is your candidate going to take a counter offer? How can you possibly know? Even the best prepped candidates have taken one. There are no guarantees that someone won’t take a counter offer. But you can help predict what may happen by looking at what they’ve done in the past.


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Ways to Use "I Don't Know"

Recruiters are so afraid to say “I don’t know”…but Danny shows us ways we can use ‘I don’t know’ that will make us more comfortable with saying these words and actually getting more useful information without losing credibility.


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We Don't Need You, We Have LinkedIn

We hear this a lot from our clients. And let's face it, they should be using LinkedIn. But Danny will show you how to overcome this objection by pointing out what they are missing by only using LinkedIn.


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What Makes Someone an MPC?

Lots of candidates can look like MPC material on paper, but they have to be able to pass a few tests to actually become MPC material. Danny shows you what really makes a person an MPC.


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Why We Need Accountability

Some of us have hard ass managers. And we don't like it! But say what you want to about these managers, you really do need to be called on your excuses.


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