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A Refundable Sign On Bonus

It's so easy for candidates to push off start dates because they "don't want to burn a bridge." Let's find a way to make sure they don't.


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Always Have A Backup

This is a two part story that reminds the contemporary recruiter of the basic sales skills we need to run a productive desk. So many lessons can be learned here.


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Are you still investing in your future?

It can be hard to get your candidates to agree to a "lateral move". Watch Danny use logic to make his case.


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Backend Urgency

If you have been an ATD member for more than 5 seconds you know all about front end urgency. But what about backend urgency? Let's see what those questions look like.


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Candidate Change of Heart

This candidate changed their mind and wants to go back…but our recruiter thinks he has a moral imperative to the client to not re-present him. But who is the recruiter really thinking about here?


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Counter Offers...They Don't Do That Here

When a candidate tells you not to worry because their company doesn't make counter offers, you better get ready to dig in and fight.


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Drive By Placements

We love our MPC’s. Sometimes too much! But it’s ok when you do “drive by placements”. Watch Danny explain.


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Facebook and Babies – using Facebook to close

The HR person has gone on maternity leave and our hiring process has come to a screeching halt. We are dead in the water, right? Not just yet…our candidate and the HR person are Facebook friends.  


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Fallout Due to Overselling

We push, and push and don’t stop until we hear what we want to hear. But are we really listening? Most of the time our candidates are trying to tell us what they want, we just don’t want to hear them. Danny explains how to avoid the fallout and save you and your client some heartache.


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Get Your Invoices Paid Faster

Trust us, your companies aren't any different than you are when it comes to life's conveniences. If there is an easier way to do it, you want it, and so do they!


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Getting Around the Holiday "Blackout Period"

Once we start the holiday season and New Year's Day approaches we hear companies starting to delay any hiring decisions. How many times have you heard, "Call me next year and we can pick this up again."? Danny shows us how to push through this blackout period and close more business.


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Getting Deeper With Compensation

Let’s stop asking the same compensation questions and start to get a better understanding of what companies are really willing to pay. 


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Guilt as a Closing Technique

Danny believes healthy guilt is a good thing. When candidates have it they will give you a ‘tell’. It takes a strong recruiter to call them on it and take them out of process the "Graceful Way".


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Hey, He Called Me

Our recruiter wants to help this VP…but can he? Danny explains how email can be used as a verification tool.


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How a Veteran Recruiter Uses the If-Then Close

The basic closes we use will never change. But how we use them should change with each situation. Watch how a veteran recruiter instinctively knows how to use this close correctly.


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How Qualifying Fees Are Changing

The ways we qualify our fees are starting to shift. Some of the things we would say to never do before are starting to change, and guess what? It's working. Just like everything else in life, we have to change with the times.


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How To Distinguish A Recruiter From A Rookie

Watch Danny explain a situation that recently happened to one of our rookies. But it seems he isn't such a rookie after all because he worked the call to perfection.


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It's Not About...Yeah Right!

Whenever you hear someone say "It's not about..." or "I don't want you to think...", whatever follows next is exactly what it's about and exactly what you should be thinking!


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Job Hoarders

Why do we hoard jobs? It gives us comfort...but is it the best way to run your desk?


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Just Keep Them Warm

When a company asks you to ‘keep a candidate warm’, 80% of the time this is just a blow off. But 20% of the time, like in this case, it is real. So, how do we do that?


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LinkedIn Issues Part 1

I think we can all agree that LinkedIn is the primary tool recruiters are using these days to source people. But having a potential candidate "link" with a  client is starting to become a problem. Watch Danny explain.


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LinkedIn Issues Part 2

LinkedIn can be a fabulous tool, but we are starting to see issues with our clients connecting with candidates and other firms presenting people before we can. Danny explains his new script using "Dynamic Discretion" with your candidates.


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Looks Like Applications are Back

Applications are making a comeback, so that means we need to be prepping candidates to properly handle them before we have something in writing that we can't take back.


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Losing Control Can Be a Good Thing

Recruiters are control freaks. But even the biggest control freak needs to let go once in a while and give the reins to someone else. Because no matter how much they hate to give up control, they hate losing a deal more!


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Lost Opportunity Cost

We need to get cold. Do a clinical, harsh look at the activity on your desk. Are you getting the proper return on your time investment? Sometimes companies can be toxic for you, you just need to take off the rose colored glasses and see where your true opportunities lie.


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New Contract Language

Sometimes situations happen and we wish we were covered by our contract. Recently an AccordingToDanny member had something happen that made them rethink their contract language. It's so good we decided to share it with you.


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No Such Thing As A Rubber Stamp Interview

This one's a done deal! Ring the bell, put it on the me, it's DONE! She just has one phone call with the CEO, but it doesn't matter, its just a rubber stamp...uh...YES it does matter!! Let's make sure we are prepping for this.


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Non Compete Issues

We had a candidate that couldn't remember if he had a non compete or not. The company wanted him to verify it before they would move forward. Our recruiter, a senior person, realized this was a situation he needed to fight.


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Recruiters Need to Empathize, Not Sympathize

Recruiters tend to side with the candidate rather it's right or wrong. There is no value in commiserating with your candidates. Watch Danny explain the difference between sympathy and empathy. Top producers are empathizers.


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Reference Check Hell

Sometimes we are so happy to write a job order we forget that during this early stage is when we have the biggest influence on process. But if we can't circumvent some of this stuff, let Danny tell you how to still get the deal done.


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Reference was Horrible

Uh oh...the reference was horrible. Not just bad, horrific! So we lose our deal, and go into "mourning our bad luck" mode, right? Not so fast...Watch Danny turn this horrible reference into a placement.


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Remember, An Accusation is Not A Conviction

Recruiters love to spread rumors…But we need to remember just because someone has been accused of something that does not mean they actually did it. Let’s remember, this is someone’s life we are talking about.


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Renegotiating the Fee After the Fact

It never feels good when a client comes back after the placement is made and tries to renegotiate the fee. But sometimes it is in your best interest to negotiate. Watch Danny win in the big picture using the Trade Offs Close.


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Retainers As Blood Money

We get the retainer money and then we feel the company owns us. But we need to treat this retained search the same way we would treat a contingency search.


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Rolling Your Client Under the Bus

Nobody likes to be mean for no reason, but there are times when the recruiter needs to move the process along and make sure this deal happens. Unfortunately, the only way to do that in this situation was to roll the HR person under the bus.


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Slump Busters and Extenders

Sometimes you can use shortcuts to get out of a slump. But using the shortcut incorrectly can actually extend the slump.


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Sorry, We Already "Know" this Candidate

What does it mean when a client says we "know" this candidate? We need to clarify what constitutes "knowing" someone and what gets us our fee.


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The "Grace Period Retainer"

We get a call from a client with 2 big jobs, we'll do it on retainer. Easy, right? Wrong. They already paid a retainer that hasn't worked. So what do we do? Listen to Danny roll out the "Grace Period Retainer".


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The Accelerator Program

Sometimes we need to get creative when it comes to getting paid. Certain circumstances can change our basic fee structure. Watch Danny roll out the Accelerator Program.


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The Decaffeinated Take It Away

Patience is not a virtue for top producers. So what happens when the process is taking too long? They default to the Take It Away Close. But there are versions of this instead of giving your candidate an espresso maybe all they need is a latte.


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The Difference Between Drive and Ambition

Danny is always trying to point out the difference between drive and ambition. Listen to him walk you through the different phases you will go through to get there.


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The Fear of Change Conversation is All About Timing

We need to hit the fear of change hard. But hitting it too hard and too early is worse than not hitting it at all.


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The Frozen Fee Close

There are times when freezing your fee will help close the deal. But it really helps when the company is just plain cheap.


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The Give Back Close

Sometimes when we are trying to close a deal we think the only way to get it done is to do the classic "Take It Away" and scare them into taking the offer. Believe it or not in certain situations the best thing we can do is "Give Back" and get out of the way.


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The Good Faith Deposit

Sometimes we are being strung along by our clients with the promise of multiple openings. Sometimes the multiple opportunities are real. But which one is it and how do we distinguish the real opportunities from the complete wastes of time? Maybe getting a ‘good faith deposit’ can help you decide.


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The Hero Complex

Recruiters are always getting themselves into trouble because they want to be the hero. Watch how to properly handle your candidate without having to be "the hero".


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The Little Things are How We Compete

In today's market we need to compete for the top candidates. So let's talk about how we do that.


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The Offer is Actually Too High

This placement is now a fallout. Why? Because the company offered too much money. What?? Am I hearing that right? Yup…watch it unfold.


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The Performance Based Retainer

Whenever the market gets better we hear lots of members telling us they are going to become a retained search firm. So what is the difference and how do we sell it? And should we want to be a retained firm?


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The Recruiter Ruined This One

Recruiters forget that their job is not to pump the candidate up for an interview, but to remind them that this is a sales pitch. Watch how one of our own recruiters cost themselves a placement by forgetting this concept.


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They Want to Send the Non-Compete to A Lawyer

Too many times when a recruiter hears this they just sit back and wait to hear the results. We need to educate our clients and candidates about what a lawyer will and won’t do when it comes to these documents.


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This Candidate Wants a Title...Not More Money

It's really hard for top recruiters, who are motivated solely by money, to understand that not every candidate is motivated by money. Danny points out that some candidates will show you what they really want by their behavior...not by their W2's.


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This Candidate's Circumstances Have Changed

Our recruiter was burned by this candidate years ago, but now he has another opportunity and this candidate would be perfect...but should he trust him and send him out again? This isn't about trust, this is about circumstances, and sometimes circumstances can change.


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Today's Candidates and Technology

How many times have you heard your colleagues say these words, “today’s candidates ___” (fill in the blank)? Sometimes our candidates get in trouble with all the technology tools they have access to these days.


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Using Integrity to Overcome Guarantee Policies

Guarantees seem to be getting longer and longer. So we fight this, right? We shouldn't even have to deal with guarantees, right? Wrong, but we need to stop fighting policies and start using integrity to get the guarantees we want.


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We Hate to be Wrong

Adults hate to be wrong more than anything. So what happens when a hiring authority has a question about a candidate and the only way to close the deal is to point out how wrong he really is?


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We Haunt The Past

Top producers have a hard time of letting go of the past. Instead of holding on to the old ways, let’s learn to embrace the new.


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What We Can Learn From the Deal Post Mortum

Often times our deals are at risk and we choose to ignore the signs. And when a deal dies we really don't want to look at it! But we can learn a lot from the deals we lose. And teach ourselves how to avoid these risks and losses in the first place.


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Who Needs Our Empathy The Most?

To get this deal closed we have someone that needs their hand held and someone that needs their butt kicked…but which one needs which?


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You Don't Have To Let Them Know They Are the Runner Up

Why do we have to make it worse when a company decides to go with the runner up? Let Danny explain how this should be done.


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You Just Need Confidence

Confidence is a fragile thing. As rookies we can’t wait to gain it, but sometimes as senior people we lose it. And once we lose it, it brings our skill level right back to those rookie days.


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You Need A Log Line

Rookies can be great to show senior people that hard work pays off. But eventually the senior people can ruin them. Let Danny explain how this happens and how to fix it.


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You Need A Target

We know you have a lot of jobs to pitch, but when you are making your initial call you need to use a target to entice a callback.


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You Need a Tough Prep...Not a Tough Rep

So the CEO is too rough during the interview process and you can't get candidates to want the job? Guess what...people don't change. So instead of trying to soften him, learn how to prepare your candidates for his bark.


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You Want To Be Retained...Right?

As recruiters we think the Holy Grail of recruiting is being retained. But watch Danny explain why the retained recruiter is usually not as happy as the contingent recruiter.


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Your Shrinking Attention Span

American’s attention spans are shrinking. So why should we care? Watch Danny explain how our shrinking attention spans need to be handled when our candidates are interviewing.


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