According to Danny!


"Danny is a constant source of amazement to me. He is continually 10 steps beyond where we are and with his insight and ability to ride the next wave, he enables all of us to join him in the fun and the wealth. All we have to do is do what he teaches."

Gail Kaplan

President, Pinnacle Society

"I have yet to run across a Webex meeting on AccordingToDanny that has not been worth its weight in gold."

Larry Gonzales

Recruiter in CA

"I like Danny's personality - down-to-earth, great speaker and throws in humor, all of which held my attention. I have been to see some of the other leading speakers and I found Danny to be the most refreshing and knowledgeable."

Eileen Bednarz

Abraham & London, Ltd.

"As usual (and as expected) I continue to hear nothing but good things about your work, both your in-house training as well as your stand alone and association programs. You continue to be one of the best things that ever happened to our industry."

Terry Petra

Search Partner

"Geez... I have been a member for a while now and have just now looked methodically at everything here. What a resource! I am glad it is the season for catching-up (even though I, too, have had some of my best months in December and January...) There is just a lot of information that I can use and spread around on this site. If anyone ever wants to lapse you should take him or her on a tour to see if they've seen what's here. I have regular training meetings and am always stymied as to what subject to explore. The meeting formats are a Godsend. The audio presentations are a great way to lighten things up and the training library is classic. Thanks guys...send me an invoice for '04 in advance and keep my weekly reminders coming."

David Staats

President, Professional Services Consultants