According to Danny!

Date   :   June 14, 2018
Schedule  :   9:00 - 4:00
Location  :   Houston, TX

HAAPC presents

“Closing for Cool Kids” with Danny Cahill

How recruiters close candidates and clients in a world where unemployment among professionals is 2.2% and emoji’s pass for rebuttals to objections!

So you have more sendouts? Check that box! More jobs? Natch! But the industry is dangerously close to a 20% fall out rate and there are more turn downs than ever! Worse, fees are dropping when the demand for our services is at an all-time high!! What the hell is going on?

Training is nonexistent in most firms. It is woefully outdated in the rest! Of course, you can still “take it away” and “reduce to absurdities”, but do you know when? Have you upgraded your scripts or addressed the changing values and communication techniques of your audiences?

Don’t worry, Danny’s got your back. He’ll update what is timeless and show you original methods and word tracks. His firm’s fall out rate this year? Their best year ever… 4.7%!! Just saying!

Norris Conference Center

CityCentre, Live Oak Room

Houston, TX

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